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KingCrowned's News

Posted by KingCrowned - December 27th, 2022

other than maybe posting some art during this final week of 2022, I’m done.

i really tried to get this done on time for this year, but… well everytime when it comes to things like this I just can’t for some reason. And it upsets me that I can’t really do it on time. Maybe I should’ve started earlier, but I was kinda busy with some stuff. Well I can always finish it next year and save it for a more special time. iu_849375_9273743.jpg

But this year was a grand big year for me. I really accomplished some things.

I participated in all of these collabs!

i got to help make this brilliant game made by my good friend @unevenprankster

and also by the power of learning how to animate, I made this very small animation about a pig

and this was me this year. Going forward next year in order to really make me comfortable with doing the big art thingy above, just try to do something like that, but smaller. This year was trying to really know my art style, next year will be about not the basic of art (if I manage lol)

I also wanted to make a game. I was planning to this year, but it kinda fell, so next year I really wanna make a game big or small. I also wanna get into animation a lot more next year (hopefully) and grow as more than just an artist. But I can really accomplish those dreams if I put time in them while managing my own life and responsibilities. But hopefully for next year I can explore these new stuffs and continue my journey of art :3

shoutouts to my friends… I’d ping them, but common don’t be afraid to just step up and say for yourself. I care for my friends I think… maybe they don’t think that, but I care for them even if I don’t think it myself.

one last thing…. @Taka I’m gonna come for you next year and take the cute cats away from you >:]

they’re my cute cats not yours



Posted by KingCrowned - December 1st, 2022


the year is almost ending. I will finish this on time and hopefully I won’t wait till my birthday next year

cheers to over 200 layers of content


Posted by KingCrowned - November 5th, 2022

Alright newgrounds

I have one simple question to ask of you

for those who so happen to read this I ask what are your favorite new characters on newgrounds from this year? I do not want any from 2021 or 2020 or any other year except this year. It can be from an animation, or from a game like that Olive character from earlier this year. Anywhere.

Why do I ask this? Oh nothing really it’s not like I was gonna plan to draw a big collage celebration or anything and too lazy to go search out for any characters myself. Who would do such a thing especially under a time limit till the end of the year no no no this is simply just wondering cuz there’s been many wonderful characters from this year I just gotta wonder who’s the fan favorite from this year. So would you happily tell me who was your favorite character from this year only Please 🥺 I’ll appreciate it in the long run. And if you actually read this and not skip over it, then I love you and you deserve a prize. Have a good day (or night) y’all

Posted by KingCrowned - October 31st, 2022


happy birthday christmas


Posted by KingCrowned - October 14th, 2022

That’s right, I’m exposing that no good @Taka for many reasons

Number 1One

he being meanie to me 🥺🥺🥺🥺 he called me a doodoo peepee

Number Too

he stole a lot of cat’s from people and made the cute cat collab :<

the poof


he big meanie for doing all of the things that he says he is just like a peepee head and doodoo fart man

and he did it all in this server, so you can shame him https://discord.gg/2WGEGYF5XW



Posted by KingCrowned - September 7th, 2022

holy shit


i thank all of you so much. I’ve finally got my first frontpaged on something I made!!! Like holy shit I Know it’s just one frontpage but it’s one that I felt like I had to work for it and it finally paid off!! That art piece was posted on my birthday, so it’s a late birthday gift for me!!! I wanna make an audio piece on like thanking you all. Im working on that now, so yeah. I have nothing else to say, but y’all made my day! Thanks guys :D

edit: here’s my thank you message. Sorry for bad mic quality :>


Posted by KingCrowned - September 6th, 2022


anyway i would like to thank all of you for 300 FANS!!!

i didn’t think I’d actually get 300 let alone 50, but here we are

I would like to thank all of my friends for supporting me and also my fans for supporting me. I really appreciate all of you for getting me this far and hopefully work on projects with other people some more and yeah

that’s really it. Peace out and have a great day…. Or goodnight


Posted by KingCrowned - July 30th, 2022


Posted by KingCrowned - July 24th, 2022

Birthday moment!!!!

yes it is my birthdays. I am one year older than I was yesterday. I would like to thank every single person on newgrounds especially my friends on newgrounds and Tom fulp. One year in and I feel very happy. I want to post 2 art pieces I’ve been holding onto. I’ll upload one now cuz I can’t resist not uploading it and the other later.

This art piece I was saving to upload during the NYC meet up, but I wanna upload it now. Anyone that shows up during the meet up, I’ll have a paper version for y’all yo sign :D

(my printer is terrible)iu_705315_9273743.png

The next art piece will be saved till the end. It’s been an art piece I’ve been working on since the last month of 2021. I felt very demotivated after not trying to release it by the last day of 2021 cuz I wanted to add as much characters as possible. I had no other choice but to save what I had completed cuz my iPad was kinda downbad and I had to get a new one. I wanted to add even more to it, but once I upload it, I can finally relax and not worry about it anymore.

with that said, I shall now post weekly cat pictures of my cat.


Anyway I am in it for one ride. See y’all and have a great day :D.



Posted by KingCrowned - July 15th, 2022

*insert that very cool 250k sub music*

so guys we did it, we reached a quarter of 1k fans. The fact that umm uhhh blah blah blah I love you all blah blah blah *game footage* blah blah blah this is phenomenal uhhhh blah blah blah updates on stuff blah blah blah goodbye…….

do I get the bunny mascot now? No ok.

anyway I just made this post to make that joke. Alright bye bye